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Documents List
General 1. Original document with one xerox copy
  2. Original Receipt of purchased stamps
3. Affidavit in prescribed format
  4. Jabab
  5. Certificate of collector of stamps for trueness of stamps
  6. Reconciliation certificate of Treasury or success report
  7. If stamps are purchased on behalf of the any party, no objection certificate of the stamp purchaser
  8. If there are more purchasers in the document and one purchaser applied for the refund, no objection certificate of the remaining purchasers
  9. True copy of sale of stamps register
10. Certificate of sale of stamp
  11. Power of Attorney, If any person other than purchaser of stamp applied for the refund
  12. True copy of deposited challan in Treasury
    [ Document No 7, 8 and 11 are optional ]
Franking 1. Certificate of stamp vendor on this letter head
  2. Ink cartage (True copy)
  3. Hyper Terminal report Or Certificate of M/s. Pitney BOws Co. near franking impression
E-Stamps 1. If document is registered-Report of sub-Registrar about locking of E-Stamps
2. If document is Unregistered-Reports of collector of stamps about locking of E-Stamps
  3. True copy of page of computer register
E-Challan (GRAS) 1. Copy of E-Challans
  2. Success report